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How do you create demand for your product?

The number one question to answer before you do anything is has your research revealed a need for this product. Does it solve a problem for your target market? Generating demand for your product requires much more than just launching it into the market. Research is key. Build the strategy first. Think about your media strategy and lead with digital.

There is a relationship in digital marketing between earned, paid and owned media. To maximise your marketing strategy, you need to leverage all three and as a result you will gain more demand. The secret sauce is to build a strategy where less than 20% is paid media. No matter what they say you will always need to have a paid media element so you can grow and find new customers.

Creating demand for your product isn’t complicated if you understand your target market.

1. Focus on insights. What does the market tell you with regards to customer need or even desire? What message resonates with your existing base? Have you asked for feedback? Test your product with your existing customers, survey and ask for feedback.

2. The Buyers Journey. Is it a simple process for your customers to buy from you? Roadmap the journey and again seek feedback. Test the buying process yourself.

3. Loyalty program. Customers like to be remembered and they love acknowledgement for their patronage. A loyalty program can be as simple as thank you for your continued business. It doesn’t have to be discounts but don’t get me wrong offering something cheaper to your existing customers is a bonus. A simple thank you and some form of personalisation in your campaign is a must.

4. Content is key. The more information that is accessible on your web page that informs and educates the more engaged your customers will be. Display product reviews, customer feedback on products and so on.

Demand generation is all about an emotional connection. Whether it is your brand tone or the ease of which it is to do business with you. You have to make it easy for your customers to engage with you. The content needs to be dynamic and always changing and personalised. A returning customer wants to be remembered and the best way to approach this is a thank you message.

If you get this right then you should build some level of loyalty. With loyalty comes referrals and the ultimate earned media is where your customers sell your product for you.

Don’t make your message purely price driven as this doesn’t build a loyal base. Draw out the key messages to the pain points of your customers. Focus on this. Don’t price yourself out of the game but you don’t have to be the cheapest to build demand and sales.

The final message I leave you with is always evolve your product. Don’t sit still on your success, build a product lifecycle and ensure that you focus on what the customers say they need as this always changes.

Change is good but only if its required. Evolution of a product is better. Customer feedback will help you. Always seek this and you will create demand for your product through marketing.

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