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After receiving a report from the CDIC (Centre for Defence Industry Capability), this rocket launch start-up was advised to implement a brand  strategy with a focus on their key messages, public profile, core values and communications plan.

Outerlimits Management were tasked to undertake a strategic review of their current brand position and build a documented brand strategy with a new public/media profile and corporate messaging.  This project also evolved to include a lead generation marketing strategy to assist in business development.

Outerlimits partnered with W-Tech to deliver within 6 weeks the brand audit, define the brand position and create the brand playbook.

The project was completed within budget and on time with W-Tech tasked to deliver and execute the communication plan and tools as presented in the playbook.

“I was impressed by the level of detail and content produced by Outerlimits which made the final outcome so well received by the leadership team.  The speed in which they delivered the new corporate messaging, values and brand voice helped ensure we met the very tight timelines set by the client and exceeded their expectations.  

I would recommend Outerlimits and welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

Georgia Collingwood WTEC Director and Lead Consultant

Science Museum Space Exploration


This Australian company needed help to expand into a small business product proposition. They wanted to identify a new revenue stream and had received feedback from some of their customers to look to a small business offering.

Outerlimits Management were first tasked with market research to help understand what the product proposition needed to be.  Once completed, Outerlimits identified their  target market and built business personas.  From these personas  Outerlimits recommended the product proposition and key messages to take to their new business sector.

They are currently using this insight and recommendations to launch their offering to the small business segment in the very near future.

Blurry Store


This successful bike retailer needed help to build their e-commerce strategy and company profile.  They had no idea if their current brand would perform online and wanted some insight and direction on message and webpage development.

Outerlimits worked on this project for several months revisiting the brand message and tone before partnering with an online web development company to deliver an engaging social media and content strategy coupled with a new webpage and shopping cart.

The customer was extremely happy with the finished product and will be launching in the next few months.

"Ive been a bike mechanic all my life and to expand my business into online was very stressful.  Outerlimits were fantastic in helping me on this journey to digital.  I was really impressed with the finished product and wish I had engaged in this sooner." 

Mark Finley.  Owner  Kranky Monkey

Jumping Mountain Biker
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